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Attorney John Freeman: Navigating the Dangers of Vigilante Stings

In recent news from The Detroit News, the tragic story of a vigilante’s dangerous sting operations surfaced. Our attorney, John Freeman, is among the legal minds navigating this complex situation. He’s been representing clients affected by these controversial tactics, emphasizing …


Judge Lifts Internet Restrictions for Former Deputy Accused of Soliciting Teen for Sex

In a victory for due process, a judge has lifted internet restrictions for a former deputy accused of solicitation. This case is not a slam dunk for the prosecution, and we look forward to presenting our defense. Read more here.…


Attorney John Freeman Defends Former Deputy Sheriff Corrections Officer Against Felony and Assault Charges

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, a judge ordered Law Office of John Freeman client Christopher Cluley bound over to circuit court. This is the latest event in Cluley’s now 2-plus year legal battle, in which the former Isabella County Sheriff’s …


Should gun owners face criminal charges for improper storage?

There are many reasons a person in Michigan may own a gun ranging from hunting to self-protection. While there are laws stating how these weapons can be used, should the government be able to control how you store your firearm …


Why do people post incriminating photos on social media?

Many people put their entire lives on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms provide many with a way to connect with friends and family. What they often don’t realize, however, is their target audience are not …


Limited amount of favorite food in Michigan prisons

People living in prisons in Michigan give up many freedoms they had previously enjoyed, making every little opportunity for choice highly important in their daily lives.

One of the choices some inmates may have is what food they may buy …