Felony Charges

Serious Defense For Serious Felony Charges

Felony convictions carry with them very serious criminal penalties. If you are convicted of a felony in Michigan, you could face spending most of your life in prison. You might also have difficulty landing a job or obtaining financing for a home.

At the Law Office of John Freeman in the Detroit metro area, our state crimes defense attorney has over 30 years of experience handling felony cases. Attorney John Freeman began his career as a prosecutor, so he is often able to anticipate arguments or strategies the opposing side will use. He offers a unique perspective that many criminal defense attorneys cannot provide.

Aggressive Attorney Who Will Defend Your Rights

Our firm provides aggressive, experienced defense representation to anyone facing felony charges. We will carefully listen to your situation, your goals and your story. Keeping those in mind, we will focus on protecting your rights throughout your entire case.

We are ready and prepared to defend you against felony charges, including:

In addition to extended prison sentences and large fines, perhaps the most difficult penalties associated with felony convictions are being separated from your family and having the label of a convicted felon for life. Let us help you avoid these life-changing penalties by zealously fighting on your behalf.

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