Federal Crimes

A Seasoned Defense Professional In Federal Charges And Investigations

The federal government will typically conduct an in-depth investigation before it formally charges an individual with a crime. If you have reason to suspect you are under investigation by the federal government, you should seek the help of an experienced attorney in the Detroit metro area as soon as possible.

The government will utilize its vast resources to make a case against you. At the Law Office of John Freeman, we can help you level the playing field. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Freeman understands how the government builds its case. He is able to offer a unique perspective and provide honest advice about your case and recommend the best way to proceed. If you believe you could soon be charged with a federal crime, contact our Michigan law office today.

Federal Investigations And Federal Criminal Charges

Before you are charged with a crime, it is important to know that you cannot make any false statements to federal law enforcement officials. Even if you are not under oath, you could be punished with up to five years in prison. This is why we recommend hiring an experienced federal crimes defense lawyer as early as possible.

In addition, it is very unlikely that you can say anything on your own that will positively affect your situation. You can, however, unknowingly say things that could deeply hurt your interests.

Additionally, federal cases often involve media attention. Attorney John Freeman will handle your case with tact, poise and good judgment if the media begin to portray you in a negative light.

Our firm is prepared and ready to represent clients charged with federal crimes involving:

  • Drug offenses and alcohol offenses, including drunk driving, smuggling of cigarettes, prescription drugs and distribution
  • Immigration charges including smuggling, trafficking and fraud
  • Corruption allegations that involve money laundering, fraud, RICO and more
  • Identity theft, credit card fraud and Internet sex crimes and other computer-related offenses
  • Charges related to crimes of violence, including assault, sex crimes and domestic violence
  • Money laundering involving trafficking, smuggling, fraud, Ponzi
  • Actions triggering an Securities and Exchange Commission investigation

In addition, the Law Office of John Freeman has handled federal criminal cases involving environmental criminal matters, civil rights violations and all types of white collar crimes.

Work With An Experienced Federal Investigations Lawyer

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