Tax Fraud

Strategic Defense Against
Tax Fraud Allegations

Deliberately falsifying income information is not the only way to fall into tax fraud charges or be targeted in an investigation. Believing that evading taxes was somehow justifiable is also common, but it is not a valid defense before state or federal tax agencies. Avoidance of taxation responsibility can lead a private individual or business owner to prison, even if tax evasion tactics were not willful. If you have received a threatening notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or any federal or state tax authority, you must take your legal situation seriously.

Turning to a well-respected financial crime defense attorney is a critical step after you have been charged with tax fraud or evasion or have realized that you are under investigation. Get your defense underway with an experienced, widely respected trial lawyer serving the Detroit Metro area and Southeast Michigan. After a robust lifelong career as a prosecutor and defense attorney, John Freeman is ready to vigorously pursue a favorable outcome in your case.

Have You Been Accused Of One Of These Tax Fraud Or Tax Evasion Crimes?

You may have reasons to believe that you are under suspicion of tax crimes such as the following:

  • Evasion of tax assessment by keeping double sets of books, creating fake invoices or transferring or otherwise hiding assets from tax authorities
  • Evasion of payment of taxes by concealing money, underreporting income, taking unqualified deductions, filing a false tax return in any way or failing to comply with individual or business tax responsibilities

The Law Office of John Freeman has proven to be a trustworthy source of effective counsel and representation in tax fraud cases involving:

  • Personal income taxes
  • Payroll withholdings and other employment-related taxes
  • Taxes left unpaid as a result of bankruptcy fraud

Mr. Freeman has years of experience handling both the prosecution and the defense side of white collar crimes, including corruption, health care fraud and welfare fraud. He regularly calls on forensic accountants, private investigators and experts in technical fields to build strong defense cases.

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