Client Testimonials For John Freeman

Mr Freeman and his staff have done an excellent job with my sons case. They are always professional but genuine and have made a very embarrassing and potentially life altering (for my son) situation at least manageable. We have received a best possible outcome as a result of retaining his services and would highly recommend this firm. Despite having to make repeated appearances I have been able to count on this law firm each time to be well prepared and able to handle the case in an exemplary manner. And while we didn’t have any idea how much this type of thing would cost us I feel Mr. Freeman’s fees were fair and well deserved.

- Annonymous

After meeting with a dozen other attorneys, John Freeman was the most honest, humble and down to earth man I’ve yet to have met. He took the time to hear me out, advise me accordingly and made sure I understood he was on my side. No fear inducing tactics were used to sell his services, unlike the majority of others in his field who seem to crave on the vulnerability of misinformed clients. Hire this man if you are in a position to, not someone who’s barely vetted to give legal advice in the back of his Uber.

- B.K. 3/12/19

I would like to pass along some good news, I found out today that I will keep my job. There’s no doubt in my mind your hard work helped make that possible. Thanks for all you do and continue to fight the good fight.

- N.E. 6/19/18

Mr. Freeman was effective, honest, personable and demonstrated genuine concern, provided quality service, kept me informed, and was reasonably priced. I would recommend him to other people.

- M.V. 4/26/18

Mr. Freeman was straight to the point!! We were very comfortable and confident with him.

- C.B. and M.M. 4/23/18

One of the things I appreciated the most about Mr. Freeman’s services is that he was honest telling what could and could not happen. He did an A1 job. He also talked about other cases and used “them as an example for me to watch my step.

- F.T. 9/6/17

Mr. Freeman gave me straight forward information and always kept me in-the-know of where I stood with my case. I appreciate everything Mr. Freeman has done for me and I greatly appreciate him and his staff.

- K.P. 8/14/17

I was very very pleased with [their] service. Mr. Freeman and [his staff] were very helpful.

- M.D. 5/4/17

Mr. Freeman’s staff was kind and knowledgeable. John expressed genuine concern and kept me from feeling too stressed about the given situation. [He is a] very personable and effective attorney.

- C.M. 5/2/17

I appreciated Mr. Freeman’s familiarity with my situation and knowledge of the law applicable to it. He made me feel that my case had hope.

- D.C. 4/11/17

I appreciated most the time that he took preparing for the case making sure every T was crossed and every I dotted. I loved the way everything was handled.

- B.W. 3/9/17

He was honest (even regarding negatives of my case) and always thinking of how best to help me. Mr. Freeman has been fair, intelligent and extremely dedicated.

- M.E. 3/9/17

They take your case seriously and [the] staff treat you just like family

- M.M. 2/16/17

Mr. Freeman was a calming influence and easy to talk to.

- G.K. 2/16/17

John was on time for court. [He] texted me immediately when [he] had information. All paperwork that I needed was sent to me. [He] assured me everything will be fine. John is a very friendly person with a great attitude. Thanks again John for everything!

- T.G. 2/9/17

He was very professional. He and his [staff] were willing to help and answer questions over the phone. He got me a very good outcome with my case.

- E.B. 1/26/17

He greatly reduced my stress during my ordeal – Mr. Freeman made me feel like I was a real friend to him. Mr. Freeman went additionally out of his way to negotiate and work with [the] probation officer to have my probationary period transferred [to my home state]. Sir, thank you so much

- R.S. 7/19/16

Very willing to be there for his clients. Excellent sense of humor, lovely person, very knowledgeable and very experienced. Very calm voice / tone. I absolutely like this guy. His office staff is also very welcoming. Just get him if you get into problems and need someone. [He] is very willing to help and make you smile. He is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much John.

- J.N. 6/14/16

Him and his staff went above and beyond to help and accommodate.

- L.O. 9/17/15

They dropped the case against us so we didn’t have to use his service completely. We think because we had John on board. Imagine our surprise when he gave us a refund. It’s good to know he’s only a phone call away!

- J.S. 4/16/15

Mr. Freeman is very honest and upfront about his policies, his expectations, and what the client should be prepared for. He goes over everything with you before you see and judge / probation officer. Very professional, thorough, and takes his time to explain the process of the justice system when you face criminal charges.

- D.D. 8/18/14

If you find yourself in trouble with the law..or even sense it…I recommend you hire and talk to John Freeman. John is the best lawyer I have ever come across, he is very serious about seeking justice for his clients. In the Michigan and judicial system in general; prosecutors and police are smart and will twist things to seek a conviction, you need an attorney who is as smart. John is not only that, but smarter, he knows what they will do next and will simply outlast or outsmart them. Unfortunately a conviction can be life altering, John will get the best result possible. He tries everything until all avenues are exhausted. When John and I first went into court, the prosecutor was apologizing to the officer who arrested me for having John get him on the stand for questioning..that’s when I knew..I had the right attorney. John got my case dropped from a life altering felony to a misdemeanor. I recommend former Federal Prosecutor John Freeman as a criminal attorney.

- Client testimonial, May 2011

Mr. John Freeman represented both my husband and myself this past summer. I would recommend Mr. Freeman’s legal services to anyone! He is the perfect combination you want for your attorney, aggressive (when need be), timely, will listen to his client, and very persistent! We were both very happy with the outcome of our legal matter!

- Client Recommendation, February 2011

I’m writing this testimonial on behalf of my attorney John Freeman. I just left federal court today a free man thanks to Mr. Freeman. I was a fugitive for over 30+ years from the federal authorities. I was arrested back in 1978, released on bond and never went back for sentencing for fear of being sent to prison. I contacted Mr. Freeman, because I wanted an attorney that was experienced with federal law, and had contacts in the federal Detroit office. Well let me tell you, I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. Mr. freeman worked as a federal prosecutor in that office for [7] years before becoming a defense attorney, and he knew everyone there and was respected by all of them from the folks at pre-trial up to the federal judges. I told John my story, and how I wanted to surrender and put this 30 year nightmare behind me. He made me no promises, other than he would work as hard as possible to have a favorable out come in my case. I hired Mr. Freeman that day, and he strongly suggested I surrender the next day to the federal Marshall’s, and that he would be with me all the way through the process. I was scared to death that I would have to return to jail because I had skipped out on my original bond 30+ years ago, and John assured me there was a good chance he could have me back out on a personal bond that same day. Well he delivered, I was released on a 10k personal bond that day and went back to my job the next day.He then went to work on getting the case transferred from another state back to Michigan for sentencing. This was not easy, but he got it done. I went in for sentencing today, and was given 2 years probation with no jail time. Mr. Freeman saved my life, and kept me a free man. I strongly suggest if your in trouble with the law you call him immediately, it will be the most important phone call you can make.Sincerely, John S.

- Client testimonial, January 5, 2011

I just want to say this is the best website I have seen about gun laws and what to do and not to do. Thanks for being here for everyone.

- Potential client testimonial, November 2010

Mr. Freeman sets a bar that all other lawyers should aspire to. He is an expert in the field of law and his execution of client care exemplifies that. I was/ am impressed with Mr. Freemans desire not only to take care of a client, but to also listen to his client. Individual concerns will never be overlooked with Mr. Freeman nor will they ever be discounted. Not once will Mr. Freeman attempt to move forward unless he is confident you are 100% ready to and in complete understanding of what lies ahead. I can not articulate enough that if you need legal representation that you trust Mr. Freeman with your legal matters. He is not only a credit to the legal system as a whole, but also to the client he represents.

- Chris C. Livonia, Michigan, September 2010

My daughter found John on-line and that day called many lawyers. He talked to her, gave her information and guidance. She told me he is the one and she was right. John is an exceptional person and truly cares about [our daughter].

- Testimonial from parent of a client, 2010

John provided personal and efficient service. He is responsible, helpful, truly cares about his clients. He made a difficult situation for me so much better. My family could not have appreciated him more.

- Client Recommendation, 2010

If it wasn’t for Mr. Freeman, I would probably be paying for something that I did not do. He was very professional. I would recommend Mr. Freeman to anyone who is looking for a good professional defense lawyer.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

Mr. Freeman is an excellent attorney with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

I talked to a lot of lawyers. Mr. Freeman was the one who seemed willing to fight the hardest and he knew all about the law. His information helped me a lot. Also his prices were good compared to some of the others. He really helped me. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Mr. Freeman.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

I felt helpless and hopeless until I met with Mr. Freeman. He made me feel comfortable right away with his knowledge of the law regarding my legal situation. He spoke truthfully from the beginning, clearly outlined my legal options, and not only helped me understand, but kept me informed of, the entire process of my criminal case.

- Client Comment, 2009

Mr. Freeman is an outstanding attorney. His experience and support was crucial in resolving my complex case. He is very professional in all his dealings and understands the intricate details of the law.

- Client Comment, 2009

I have found Mr. Freeman to be knowledgeable and detail oriented. Most importantly, however, is his desire to win. This is an essential quality in a legal advocate. Highly recommended.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

Dear Mr. Freeman: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance. It meant a great deal to our business that you were so professional and readily available to answer questions throughout the legal process. Also, we appreciated your quick responses to our questions. If any other legal issues come up, I will not hesitate to call you for advice.

- Client e-mail, 2009

Mr. Freeman represented me in a matter involving an Internal Affairs Investigation. At all times, he was professional, trustworthy, honest and when the “face to face” meetings occurred, was the proverbial “pit bull” in dealing with the IA types. Anyone who has dealings with IA know that there motto is “Guilty until we say your not” and then they still won’t clear your reputation. Mr. Freeman was fair in his monetary charges and time spent with him in discussions, conferences and face to face meetings was well worth it. A reputation is priceless and when Mr. Freeman took my case he knew what was riding on the result and fought to let me keep a deserved and well earned reputation.

- Client Review, 2009

Mr. Freeman’s extraordinary knowledge of the law and ability to negotiate provided the necessary legal council for a timely resolution to my particular case. His professionalism and availability were key factors in my retaining him as my lawyer. I have complete confidence in his understanding of the legal system and I highly recommend him as an experienced defense attorney.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

I think [Mr. Freeman] worked very hard in my case…. He convinced my judge to low [er] my sentence from 41 months to 24 months…. Thank you for your service. I hope not to need you again, but if necessary I will call you again.

- Client comment, 2009

John is one of the hardest working lawyers I know. And one of the smartest. He knows how to work with the government for a deal and how to challenge the government when necessary. I heartily recommend him to potential clients and to colleagues who need a criminal defense resource.

- Fellow Attorney, Review, June 2009

Mr. Freeman is an outstanding criminal defense attorney. His years of prosecution experience give him an understanding of what it takes to get the best result possible for his clients. He takes the time necessary to develop the defense and has outstanding investigators at his disposal to bolster the case. He considers angles others would not think about and knows when to be aggressive with prosecutors and judges and when to use a softer approach. He is up-front and honest with his evaluation of the prospects of outcome, which can sometimes be difficult for a client to hear and accept as a “miracle” is what is hoped for. Nevertheless, he will still work to achieve that “miracle”…. I highly recommend Mr. Freeman and would not hesitate to hire him for any criminal matter, whether it is a small misdemeanor or a serious felony charge.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

To [emphasize] John’s respect in the criminal defense legal community, he is the lawyer that other criminal defense attorneys refer their friends and family to. As a criminal defense attorney myself, I can personally attest that I have used John’s motions, advice, and legal strategies to win many of my cases. In addition to his tenacious and zealous representation of his clients, John brings the knowledge of having participated in many of the most difficult state and federal cases Michigan has ever seen. As a testament to his character, my father (who exclusively practices federal criminal defense) refers to John as one of the best, if not the best, US Attorney he ever faced. Of course, now that John exclusively represents criminal defendants, my thought is that those pesky prosecutors shake in their boots anytime they see his name on a pleading. There is no question about it, if my life was on the line, I’d have John represent me.

- Fellow Attorney, Review, July 2009

I’ve dealt with many attorneys over the course of my lifetime, from divorce to defense and prosecution and John is BY FAR the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with! I’ve hired the big box attorneys before – the guys you see on TV – and NEVER did I get the type of personal attention I’ve received from Mr. Freeman. He’s not a suit like the other attorneys – he’s simply a good hearted individual who will give you his all, reliably and without fail. He’s professional, knowledgeable and the best in his field. I highly recommend John Freeman.

- Client Recommendation, 2009

As an immigration attorney of thirty years experience, who does not practice criminal law, I am very particular about who I refer my clients to. In my client’s cases it is not only their freedom that is at stake, but their right to remain in the United States with their families and, sometimes even their lives (witness, Hmong freedom fighters and Iraqi Christians). John Freeman is at the top of my list. He is a man of incredible character and integrity who is tenacious as he is conscientious. His retainer fees are far less than those charged by the other top tier criminal attorneys in the metro-Detroit area. I’ve never heard a single complaint from the many clients I’ve sent his way but have received many calls thanking me for referring them to him.Fellow Attorney, Review, 2009

- Fellow Attorney, Review, 2009

Mr. Freeman, I don’t have the words to express my thanks for representing me. I couldn’t have found a better attorney — someone who takes the time to understand the nuances of legal matters, provides straightforward counsel and is “streetwise” savvy enough to know exactly when and how hard to push when it counts the most. I’d have been railroaded by ‘the system’ if not for you. I hope I never need a criminal attorney ever again, but if I do, you’ll be my first phone call.

- Client e-mail, 2008