Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer in Michigan

Michigan Fleeing And Eluding Police Can Result In Much More Than A Speeding Ticket

You’re speeding down the highway when all of a sudden you see those fateful blue and red lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You remember that your registration has expired and you have a broken taillight. Your heart starts pounding. You contemplate stepping on the gas and fleeing the scene rather than facing the officer.

It’s important for drivers to have all the facts before choosing to flee or elude a police officer. Fleeing and eluding law enforcement is a felony charge and can result in far more than just a speeding ticket or charges for a much less serious offense. Without an experienced criminal defense attorney, you could end up going to prison with a criminal record.

Sometimes, there is a reasonable explanation for why an individual would flee or elude law enforcement. It’s up to you to choose a defense attorney who can analyze the facts and determine how best to present your defense. Attorney John Freeman has over 30 years of experience and has the skills and experience necessary to help you hold on to your driver’s license — and your freedom — in the face of fleeing and eluding police charges.

Michigan Fleeing And Eluding Charges And Penalties

Michigan fleeing and eluding charges may result if you deliberately try to escape or avoid detection by law enforcement while they are trying to lawfully stop or arrest you. They must bring his or her motor vehicle to a complete stop and await further instructions.

According to Michigan penal code 750.479a, fleeing and eluding is a felony charge punishable by fines, prison time, and license revocation or suspension. At the Law Office of John Freeman, we take fleeing and eluding charges very seriously and will fight aggressively to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed.

In order to be convicted of fleeing and eluding, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  • A law enforcement officer gave you a visual or auditory signal to stop your car;
  • You knew or should have known that the signal was for you;
  • You willfully failed to stop your car; and
  • Your failure to stop constituted a willful disregard for the safety of others.

There are 4 degrees of fleeing and eluding charges in Michigan, broken down as follows:

1st degree fleeing and eluding  Fleeing and eluding resulting in deathFelonyUp to 15 years in prisonFine of up to $15,000Driver’s license revocation
2nd degree fleeing eludingFleeing and eluding resulting in serious injury, or if prior fleeing and eluding conviction(s) are on recordFelonyUp to 10 years in prisonFine of up to $10,000Driver’s license revocation
3rd degree fleeing and eludingFleeing and eluding resulting in a collision, or if the violation takes place in part on a road with a speed limit under 35 mphFelonyUp to 5 years in prisonFine of up to $5,000Driver’s license revocation
4th degree fleeing and eludingFleeing and eluding an officer who signals you to stop or gives a lawful command, no prior convictionsFelonyUp to 2 years in prisonFine of up to $2,000Driver’s license suspension
Michigan Fleeing and Eluding Charges Chart

Contact A Michigan Fleeing And Eluding Defense Expert Today

There are a number of defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney may employ to help you combat your fleeing and eluding charges. Traffic, weather conditions, mechanical issues, or trouble identifying the vehicle signaling you as law enforcement are common reasons why those facing fleeing and eluding charges may hesitate to pull over when signaled.

A Michigan fleeing and eluding lawyer will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to build the strongest defense. Contact the Law Office of John Freeman today online or call us at 248-865-8454 for a free consultation. In an emergency, call us at 313-330-2653 at any time of day.

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