Prescription Fraud

Protect Your Future From
Prescription Fraud Charges

The opioid epidemic has plagued the United States for years now. Consequently, more and more Americans are allegedly committing prescription fraud. The problem is that many people charged with prescription fraud may not be aware of the consequences. Being charged with prescription fraud threatens your rights, future, and freedom. If you face prescription fraud charges, you need to be sure that you are doing everything within your power to protect yourself.

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What Prescription Fraud Charges Can Look Like

There are many ways that someone might attempt to commit prescription fraud, even when they do not realize that they are doing so. Common allegations of prescription fraud include:

  • Doctor shopping – Doctors have a limited amount of prescriptions they can prescribe within a certain amount of time. Visiting other doctors who may be able to prescribe the prescription someone is searching for may trigger prescription fraud charge.
  • Forging prescriptions – Forgery includes creating a fake prescription at home on a computer, or by stealing a physician’s prescription pad to write prescriptions.
  • Impersonation – Impersonating a member of the medical community, such as a doctor or nurse, in order to obtain a prescription constitutes prescription fraud.
  • Altering a prescription – Whether you alter the amount of the drug that you have been prescribed, or if you have changed the drug entirely from the original prescription, this counts as prescription fraud.

Prescription fraud can also include actions involving medical marijuana; whether you claim that the marijuana you have is medicinal, or you are illegally obtaining medical marijuana for personal use, either behavior could constitute prescription fraud.

Let Us Fight To Protect Your Legal Rights

A prescription fraud conviction may cause you to lose your professional license or driver’s license, it can shackle you with a permanent criminal record, and it can even impact your chances of gaining a home loan or college financial aid.

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