Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Charges
Require Tenacious Defense Representation

The way that criminal charges, family issues and emotional matters intertwine in domestic violence cases makes them unlike any other criminal matter. An effective defense calls for a lawyer who approaches these cases with care and an understanding of everything involved.

At the Law Office of John Freeman, we know how to get to the core of domestic violence cases while respecting the family issues and emotional matters involved. We defend clients in the Detroit Metro area against charges of assault, assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, stalking and all other allegations of domestic abuse. In addition to providing a strong defense against the criminal charges, we also assist the accused in dealing with a restraining order. When you choose our law firm, you will benefit from the decades of experience we bring to these cases.

Untangling Accusations Of Domestic Abuse

We will start by listening to your side of the story. Maybe you have been falsely accused. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Maybe you made a mistake. We recognize that there is typically more to allegations of domestic violence than meets the eye, so we take the time to learn everything we can about you, the situation and the allegations.

We are well-versed in carefully handling many scenarios, from those in which the alleged victim does not even want to press charges, to those where allegations arose in the midst of a divorce or child custody dispute and may be tied to that family law case.

No matter what you are going through, we will aggressively advocate to protect your rights and maintain your innocence. Your case will be reviewed personally by attorney John Freeman, and he will be available to accompany you to court. Mr. Freeman is a former prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer who knows the steps that need to be taken to get meaningful results for this or other violent crime charges.

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