Internet Sex Sting

Online Sex Stings Put Innocent People At Risk

The internet has revolutionized our lives in countless ways, but unfortunately, it’s also created new opportunities for criminal activity — and false accusations. In an (often misguided) attempt to protect minors and vulnerable individuals from potential predators, internet sex stings by law enforcement or vigilantes are on the rise.

If you are facing sex crime charges as a result of an internet sex sting, contact the Law Office of John Freeman as soon as possible. Our experienced sex crimes defense attorney knows that police officers and others sometimes lure even the most unsuspecting adults into downloading illegal images or making unlawful sexual requests online. Detroit Attorney John Freeman is committed to pushing back on charges resulting from online sex stings and providing aggressive representation to help you avoid the devastating consequences of a sex crime conviction.

Internet Sex Sting Tactics Used By Law Enforcement

In an internet sex sting, law enforcement officials or vigilantes pose online as someone interested in unlawful sexual contact, usually as a minor. If you take the bait, you could be staring down child pornography, solicitation of prostitution, accosting a minor, or computer crime charges which carry fines, jail time, and sex offender registration if you are convicted.

In a sting, law enforcement orchestrates the conditions in which there is potential for a crime to be committed. Some tactics that police may use to lure individuals into unlawful behavior include:

  • Facilitating sexually explicit conversations in a chat room, social media, or pornographic sites in an attempt to further engage individuals one-on-one
  • Posting an ad on Craigslist, Backpage, or other websites offering to perform sexual acts for money
  • Posing as a minor online and attempting to draw an individual into sexual communication
  • Asking individuals to meet up and bring a certain amount of money and/or sex toys or condoms to demonstrate intent to commit a crime
  • Posing as a minor and asking an individual to share sexually explicit images

Law enforcement may employ these and other techniques in an attempt to lure individuals into unlawful sexual communication. Their goal is to gather as much evidence as possible before they make an arrest.

Entrapment And Other Defenses Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

Entrapment And Other Defenses Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

Innocent individuals fall prey to online sex stings far too often. At the Law Office of John Freeman, we take these false accusations seriously and are prepared to challenge law enforcement’s imperfect tactics in court.

For example, if you are charged with solicitation of a minor but the officer never disclosed an age before asking you to meet, you may not meet the criteria for the charge.

If it can be demonstrated that law enforcement lured an innocent individual into committing a crime through threats or pressure to continue to communicate after communication was cut off, entrapment may be claimed as a defense. Entrapment is an all-inclusive defense that has the potential to rebut the entire case. A skilled sex crimes defense attorney will know entrapment when they see it, and for this reason, relying on professional legal representation to combat these unfair circumstances is critical.

Contact An Experienced Detroit Sex Crimes Attorney

An arrest for solicitation of prostitution or other sex crimes as a result of an internet sex sting can be devastating. If you are facing charges stemming from an online sex sting, seek expert legal advice as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

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