A Calculated Approach To
DUI / OWI / OUIL Charges

An arrest for DUI is treated very seriously in Michigan. If convicted, you could lose your driver’s license, pay significant fines, attend mandatory alcohol education courses or even go to jail. At this critical point in your life, you need a strong and effective criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of John Freeman will aggressively represent you in your DUI/OWI case. Our Metro Detroit DUI lawyer will work hard to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Michigan DUI Defense: Success Is Possible

Contrary to what you may have heard, successful defense of OWI, OUIL and UBAL charges is possible.

Like all criminal cases, there are rules that law enforcement officials must abide by. In developing your defense, we will carefully review every aspect of your case. We will review the legality of the traffic stop and the police officer’s behavior during your interrogation. We can review video evidence from the police car or police station to see if it is consistent with the police report.

Attorney John Freeman will review the breath or blood test to see if it was properly conducted, as well as will look at every defense strategy that could possibly lead to a reduction or dismissal of the charge, or acquittal after trial.

Working For The Most Favorable Outcome

The Law Office of John Freeman will work to build a strong and effective defense designed to obtain the most favorable outcome. We know that your future depends on our work, so we are determined and prepared to give you the best defense we can.

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