Environmental Crimes

Skilled Representation Against Environmental Crimes Charges

At the Law Office of John Freeman, we defend companies in the Detroit metro and beyond who have allegedly violated environmental laws in the disposal of hazardous materials, companies alleged to have engaged in fraudulent billing in government contracts for toxic cleanup and waste disposal, and government employees accused of corruption and conspiracy in the awarding of environmental contracts.

Many federal agencies have a law enforcement arm. Defending against charges of an environmental crime requires the help of a lawyer who understands how government agencies operate – the EPA, the State Department of Environmental Quality, the Fish and Wildlife Agency and others. With more than 30 years of criminal law experience, as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in both state and federal criminal cases, Michigan environmental crimes attorney John Freeman understands how federal and state cases are investigated and prosecuted.

Government Contract Fraud And Bribery Charges In Detroit

The government is one of the primary funders of environmental efforts through the granting of government contracts. With tight state budgets, government agencies are keeping closer tabs on expenses and law enforcement is being more vigorous about investigating questionable activities, including:

  • Overestimating a toxic waste site in order to overbill for cleanup
  • Seemingly unfair granting of government contracts, possibly resulting from bribery, kickbacks or corruption of a government employee
  • Safety failures calling into question whether proper environmental protections were in place and whether government inspectors were doing their jobs

When an environmental disaster occurs, such as the poisoning of an area’s water supply causing illness, or a pipeline leak or break causing property damage, not only do companies face the heat of government scrutiny, they also face a hostile public.

A Confident And Media-Savvy Defense Attorney

During his tenure with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan, Mr. Freeman prosecuted many serious felony cases. Now representing those accused of crimes, he is often asked by the media to comment on high-profile cases. If negative publicity is a consideration in your case, you can be assured that attorney Freeman will handle media relations with tact and good judgment.

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