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As a former federal and state prosecutor, attorney John Freeman is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Troy, MI, that will aggressively defend you against serious charges.

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    More Than 30+ Years
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    You get an experienced criminal defense attorney in Detroit at the Law Office of John Freeman. We defend people accused of all types of federal crimes and state crimes.

    Over his 30+ year criminal law career, Troy, MI, Attorney John Freeman’s determination to succeed has earned him a reputation for results in even the most challenging cases.

    He’s handled complex and high-profile cases statewide, garnering accolades from clients and peers alike for his tough, honest and dependable brand of courtroom advocacy.

    “One of the greatest results I could ever expect from Mr freeman and his team I am truly grateful for finding them on Google thank you so much you guys if you have a legal trouble, these are the people that you need call call call!!!!!!!”

    ~ S. Johnson

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    Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Troy, Mi And serving All Of Michigan

    • Under investigation?
    • Facing criminal charges?
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    • Contacted by the police?

    Do not wait to get experienced representation. Every day that passes without the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Troy Michigan, makes building an effective defense more difficult.

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    What Our Clients Say

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    "Mr. Freeman’s extraordinary knowledge of the law and ability to negotiate provided the necessary legal council for a timely resolution to my particular case. His professionalism and availability were key factors in my retaining him as my lawyer. I have complete confidence in his understanding of the legal system and I highly recommend him as an experienced defense attorney."

    Client Recommendation

    "John is one of the hardest working lawyers I know. And one of the smartest. He knows how to work with the government for a deal and how to challenge the government when necessary. I heartily recommend him to potential clients and to colleagues who need a criminal defense resource."

    Fellow Attorney, Review

    "I’ve dealt with many attorneys over the course of my lifetime, from divorce to defense and prosecution and John is BY FAR the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with! I’ve hired the big box attorneys before – the guys you see on TV – and NEVER did I get the type of personal attention I’ve received from Mr. Freeman."

    Client Recommendation

    "As an immigration attorney of thirty years experience, who does not practice criminal law, I am very particular about who I refer my clients to. In my client’s cases it is not only their freedom that is at stake, but their right to remain in the United States with their families and, sometimes even their lives (witness, Hmong freedom fighters and Iraqi Christians)."

    Fellow Attorney, Review

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    Case Results

    OWI Outcome


    People v. Confidential , Ann Arbor, OWI in July 2023, BAC .17, with property damage accident (client struck parked vehicle) 3rd offense in his lifetime – could have been charged as a felony and client could have faced prison. Client pled to misdemeanor operating while IMPAIRED, 5 days suspended jail (i.e. no jail), 2 yrs probation, 48 hours community service, fines/costs, and treatment via 12 step program.

    Felony Charges Dropped

    May 2024

    John Freeman Secures Favorable Outcome for Client in High-Profile Corrections Officer Case

    Charges Dismissed

    November 2023

    People versus Martel Brantley: Charged more than two years ago with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, the client faced life in prison. In Wayne County Circle Court today, the judge granted my motion to dismiss the case based on insufficient evidence and a denial of due process. This decision was influenced by the fact that witnesses were compelled to wear masks while testifying.

    Case Dismissed

    April 2023

    In the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills, MI, one of our clients had his case dismissed just before jury selection. Months earlier, before hiring the Law Office of John Freeman, PLLC, the Judge and Prosecutor improperly permitted our client to plead guilty without an attorney. In pursuit of justice for our client, the Law Office of John Freeman, PLLC filed formal motions to set the stage for an eventual appeal. Finally, thanks to our efforts, the Rochester Hills District Court ruled favorably for our client and permitted withdrawal of the plea.

    No Charges Filed

    September 2022

    Mom, falsely accused of child abuse against her 12-year old daughter, was cleared in Oakland County without charges being filed, thanks to early intervention from attorney John Freeman.

    Not Guilty

    August 2022

    After a 3-day trial in St. Clair County Circuit Court, our client was found not guilty by a jury after being falsely accused of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

    Not Guilty

    August 2022

    After a 3-day trial in St. Clair County Circuit Court, our client was found not guilty by a jury after being falsely accused of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

    Sentence Reduced

    July 2022

    An Ohio man facing multiple years in prison instead was sentenced in federal court to probation and community service following Mr. Freeman’s representation before and after charges were filed.

    Charges Reduced

    June 2022

    An Oakland County woman, facing mandatory jail-time for felony drunk driving (3rd offense), followed Mr. Freeman’s instructions on how to comply with all bond conditions and proactively deal with her drinking problem, leading to a plea deal to misdemeanor drunk driving (2nd offense) and probation.

    No Charges Filed

    June 2022

    No charges filed against a Lansing woman who shot her boyfriend in self-defense, following Mr. Freeman’s immediate jail visit and representation before, during and after police questioning.

    Charges Dismissed

    February 2022

    A Troy man charged with domestic assault successfully completed probation and had his misdemeanor charge dismissed following a plea deal.

    Not Guilty

    August 2021

    A Jackson County man facing up to life in prison was found not guilty after our cross-examination revealed the witnesses against him had not told the truth and conspired to set him up.

    Case Dismissed

    August 2021

    A murder charge was dismissed for a Detroit man at preliminarv examination after questioning revealed the alleged eyewitness could not have seen what they claimed to have seen.

    Case Dismissed

    June 2021

    The case against a U of M student charged with sexual assault and facing prison was dismissed at preliminary examination in Ann Arbor District Court after Mr. Freeman’s cross-examination of the State’s only witness.

    Case Dismissed

    October 2018

    A Downriver woman charged with carrying a concealed pistol in her yoga pants has her case dismissed at preliminary examination after Mr. Freeman successfully established on cross-examination that the police could plainly observe the outline of the gun, thereby defeating the prosecutor’s claim that it was concealed.

    Sentence Reduced

    November 2015

    A client facing mandatory life in federal prison received only 7 years following Mr. Freeman’s successful representation in Detroit federal court.

    Charges Dismissed


    A Troy man’s carrying a concealed weapon (ice pick) charge from Somerset Mall was dismissed at preliminary examination after Mr. Freeman’s extensive cross-examination of police officers demonstrated the suspect had no intent to use the item as a weapon.


    All Crime, All The Time

    Our law firm is “all crime, all the time.” We handle criminal defense cases and administrative matters related to criminal defense cases. We are not a general practice law firm. We do not attempt to juggle multiple areas of the law. In other words, when you choose us to handle your case, you will be defended by a lawyer who has spent his entire career handling cases like yours, and who brings an unprecedented depth of criminal law knowledge to your case.

    Our clients are individuals and corporate entities that are under investigation or formally charged with all types of federal crimes and state crimes. We appear in federal court, state court and before a variety of administrative agencies such as the Secretary of State (driver’s license appeals), the Department of Corrections (parole), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (FFL regulation). 

    We are dedicated to defending the rights and freedom of people in Metro Detroit and statewide.

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    A Former Federal And
    State Prosecutor

    Troy, MI, Attorney John Freeman is a former federal and state prosecutor. In those roles, he handled a large number of high-profile cases, including cases involving murder, terrorism, high-level drug trafficking, robbery, white collar crime charges and other federal crimes. He now uses that experience to defend people accused of serious felony and misdemeanor charges in either federal or state court.