CPL Class | CCW Class | Personal Protection

CPL Class | CCW Class | Personal Protection

Exclusive Firearms Instruction For Individuals, Families, Or Groups

Mr. Freeman is a Detroit gun lawyer that offers the NRA’s Personal Protection in the Home (also known as the CPL or CCW class), and his self-developed Law of Self-Defense 101 to individuals, families, and small groups in a private and personal setting.

A major portion of the CPL class is a classroom introduction to defensive shooting, basic defensive handgun skills, firearms and the law, strategies for home safety and responding to violent encounters, and selecting a handgun for self-defense. Following classroom instruction, students accompany Mr. Freeman to a local shooting range and shoot a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition. Approximate Time: 8 hours (actual time depends on the number of attendees. Classes can be completed over the course of two days).

What to Bring: Pen, notebook, long pants (no shorts), long sleeve shirt, baseball-style cap

The Law of Self-Defense 101 is completed entirely in the classroom and covers a wide range of topics of interest to CPL/CCW permit holders and interested citizens, including: Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, Justification, Use of Deadly Force, Criminal Liability, Castle Doctrine, and an Introduction to Situational Management. Approximate Time: 3.5 hours.

Next class is scheduled for August 27, 2011 in the Troy, Michigan area. Course fee is $99. Please contact Mr. Freeman’s office to register. You must register in advance.

All Classroom instruction for both the CPL class and the Law of Self-Defense 101 takes place in Mr. Freeman’s office, or at a suitable location of your choosing.

Mr. Freeman is a who also teaches two additional NRA courses: Basic Pistol and Home Firearm Safety.

To schedule a class, please contact Mr. Freeman directly at 248-250-9950