An early victory in the case against an ex-deputy accused of soliciting a minor

An early victory in the case against an ex-deputy accused of soliciting a minor

Rarely are the press releases from the police and their public relations officers the full story. Indeed, the narratives they paint can be overblown to justify their charges. But, as one of our recent high-profile cases shows, the truth is often quite different than this  police narrative.

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The case against a former Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy who served his community has splashed across the headlines of local newspapers and dominated the news cycle. The police accuse this former public servant of communicating with a person he thought was 15 online.

He faces one count of accosting a child for immoral purposes. That charge has up to a four-year prison sentence, up to a $4,000 fine or both.

The order

However, the Pontiac, Michigan, 50th District Judge overseeing the case removed all the former deputy’s internet use restrictions. The defendant can now use all his electronics, including his computer, iPad, cellphone, computer and other internet-accessible devices.

The fight

The 50th District Judge made this ruling after hearing full arguments from both our firm and the prosecution because one of the bond conditions was this prohibition on internet and electronic access.

The prosecution asked to only allow internet access to communicate with our office, but the judge outright denied that request, noting that if our client was such a threat, law enforcement would not have returned his cell phone.

Not a slam-dunk case

This order shows that the prosecution’s narrative is not the slam-dunk case they told our community it was. After all, this public servant was communicating with a full-grown man who cosplays as a minor for money or fame on the internet.

There was never a minor involved, there was never an arrangement to meet and the deputy told this cosplayer someone else was using his photograph. Yet, this deputy lost his job and faces jail time. His name was smeared throughout our community and across the country well before he ever had his day in court.

This is another prime example of a rush to judgement that can destroy a Michigan resident’s life. While this is a small victory, it is an important early victory in an ongoing case, and it is an example where a zealous defense can help you take back your life.