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Judge Lifts Internet Restrictions for Former Deputy Accused of Soliciting Teen for Sex

In a victory for due process, a judge has lifted internet restrictions for a former deputy accused of solicitation. This case is not a slam dunk for the prosecution, and we look forward to presenting our defense. Read more here.…


How does Michigan law define mentally incapacitated in sexual assault cases?

Like other states, Michigan’s laws prohibiting criminal sexual conduct are far-reaching and have far-reaching penalties.

The laws are far-reaching because they can apply to a lot of different situations. For example, a person may not engage in sexual behavior with …


Can someone be charged with sexually assaulting their own spouse?

Sex crime charges are serious. Your freedom and reputation are on the line in these types of cases. Whether the allegations include rape, sexual assault, prostitution, indecent exposure or something else, defending against sex crime charges in Michigan can be …


Jury Finds Falsely Accused Client Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

We’ve said it before and it remains true: experience counts when your liberty is at risk.

This adage was on display in the case of a falsely accused client of ours that faced charges of assault with intent to commit …


How Does Michigan Law Define Force And Coercion In A Criminal Sexual Conduct Case?

Anyone who is charged with sex-based offenses in Michigan will have a lot to consider as they plan their defense. The potential legal penalties and personal consequences can completely change a person’s life. The mere mention of the words “sex …


What Is The Statute Of Limitations For A Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge In Michigan?

Criminal sexual conduct is a serious offense and will have a lasting, negative impact upon anyone convicted of one of these charges. In some cases, the law allows a significant amount of time to pass before charges are filed. In …