Skelton Plea Deal May Not Be The End

Skelton Plea Deal May Not Be The End

In a recent Detroit Free Press article, Attorney John Freeman commented on the Skelton plea deal.

John Skelton pleaded no contest to unlawful imprisonment after his three young sons disappeared last November. Under the plea deal, the charges of kidnapping — punishable by up to life in prison — were dismissed, however Skelton may face up to 15 years in prison on the unlawful imprisonment charge.

Mr. Freeman commented on the plea deal:

“John Freeman, a defense attorney and former federal prosecutor based in Troy, said the prosecutor has now left the door open to charges that could lead to a mandatory life sentence.

He speculates that if prosecutors thought they could prove murder, they would not be satisfied with a 15-year-sentence — so they may have concluded that the strongest evidence they have is on the charge he pleaded to.

“They simply don’t want to run the risk of letting somebody, who they believe may be responsible for the death of three young children, they just don’t want to see him walk,” Freeman said.”

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