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More License Plate Readers Bring Privacy Concerns

For many people across the country, they have noticed the increase in road rage and shooting incidents on our highways and roadways. This problem has struck Michigan as well, including those freeways throughout Troy and Metro Detroit. This uptick in …


What Qualifies As A Hate Crime Under Michigan Law?

In recent years in Michigan and across the United States, racially-motivated crimes have been on the rise. This is impacting how people live their lives and putting them in fear of violence, abuse and other illegal behaviors.

Persons accused of …


Can I Be Charged With Assault For Slapping Someone?

Under Michigan law, someone who slaps another person can face an assault and battery charge.

Michigan’s laws prohibit just about any type of intentional touching without the other person’s consent. Obviously, a slap counts as a touch.

There may be …


Can the victim drop assault charges against me?

If you have been charged with assault, we know you are scared. The entire weight of the government is now pointed squarely at you. It wants to take away your freedom and empty your bank account. One way that many …


4 Mistakes To Avoid If Charged With Assault

Assault charges are serious. If you have been charged with assault, you should know what to do in order to protect yourself with a strong criminal defense. You should also know what not to do.

What not to do when


Can I File Assault Charges Against Someone Who Filed Assault Charges Against Me?

America is a litigious nation, meaning that people often would rather go to court to solve their differences than work it out between themselves. In Michigan and elsewhere, if it is a matter of differences of opinion over the condition …