Michigan Fireworks – Violent Crime?

Michigan Fireworks – Violent Crime?

Are fireworks in Michigan a violent crime?

Just because the Fourth of July has passed doesn’t mean Michigan fireworks have stopped. A new Michigan law that took effect this year allows for the use of higher impact fireworks. The law currently allows citizens to use these fireworks any day they want unless a city elects to opt out. If the city elects the opt-out ordinance, the only days citizens would be permitted to use the fireworks would be the day before and the day after ten designated national holidays. Waterford Township has started reviewing whether it will pass this ordinance for its citizens. West Bloomfield Township has already enacted the ordinance.

The new law still has many provisions that plenty of Michigan residents are unaware of and can be fined for violating. Fireworks remain illegal to use in public, including parks, beaches, streets, and sidewalks. Minors are still not allowed to purchase or use fireworks. Some cities, such as Muskegon and West Bloomfield have begun considering stricter enforcement of their noise ordinances to curb the use of fireworks late at night.

Violations of the new firework law can carry a possible fine of $500. Anyone found to be using fireworks while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or both is also subject to criminal penalties. Other penalties including intentionally or recklessly using fireworks and causing damage to another’s property through the use of fireworks carry the possibility of jail if convicted. These are serious criminal penalties that very few people know about or even consider.

The reality is that law enforcement may view fireworks as explosives and, therefore, may treat violations of the law as a violent crime.

If you have been charged with crime involving the use of fireworks, call an experienced Metro-Detroit criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the answers you’re looking for.