Can I Be Charged With Assault For Slapping Someone?

Can I Be Charged With Assault For Slapping Someone?

Under Michigan law, someone who slaps another person can face an assault and battery charge.

Michigan’s laws prohibit just about any type of intentional touching without the other person’s consent. Obviously, a slap counts as a touch.

There may be some circumstances in which a person accused can raise a defense, like self-defense for example.

However, it is important to remember that the reason why a person chose to slap another person usually makes no difference. For example, slapping someone as a joke or prank can lead to an assault charge in state court.

Assault and assault and battery are technically violent crimes.

Generally speaking, an assault and battery charge will be a misdemeanor. The accused may face up to 93 days in jail and a $500.00 fine.

However, there are some situations in which penalties can be more severe.

For example, someone who has multiple convictions related to domestic violence may face a felony charge for a new domestic incident, even if the incident involved a slap.

A Detroit-area resident accused of assault and battery should also remember that these sorts of charges can have far-ranging professional and personal consequences that can continue for years after their case is over.

This is particularly true if the alleged victim is the accused’s spouse, former spouse or current or former romantic partner.

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Michiganders accused of assault and battery should consider mounting a defense

Someone accused of an assault and battery based on an alleged slap should evaluate their legal options carefully.  Even for a first-time misdemeanor charge, the consequences of a conviction can be serious.

Oftentimes, there are defenses available or some holes in the prosecutor’s case that an accused person can use to get a better outcome in their case.