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What is considered GoFundMe fraud?

GoFundMe is an increasingly popular online fundraising platform. It can be used as a successful and legitimate way to raise money for those in need and charitable causes.

Unfortunately, some people are accused of taking advantage of other people’s generosity …


6 Forms of check fraud

Writing checks is not as popular as it used to be, with many people using credit or debit cards in place of checks. However, checks are still used more than you think.

According to the Federal Reserve, approximately 1.73 billion …


What is considered embezzlement from a vulnerable adult?

Embezzlement is a type of fraud that involves taking money that belongs to someone else and using it for your own benefit. Embezzlement is a serious crime and the penalties involved are major, especially when the victim is a vulnerable …


Mistakes That Could Lead To Fraud Charges For Addiction Treatment Providers

With the opioid epidemic and other drug abuse problems sweeping through the nation, Michigan’s addiction treatment centers are working as fast as they can to help people. Unfortunately, in this frenzied state, it’s easy to make mistakes. Some of these …


Recent health crisis leads to sharp increase in telehealth fraud

The recent health crisis in our nation brought forth a new way of obtaining medical care: telehealth appointments. While these appointments may be safe and convenient, they have contributed to a legal problem, that of fraud.

How prevalent is telehealth


There can be penalties if you break HIPAA rules

Medical professionals in the Detroit area have all gone through Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training. During the mandatory training, an employee should be aware of the possible penalties that can come from breaking the HIPAA rules. They …