What to Do if Your Concealed Pistol or Outdoor Licenses Expire in Michigan

What to Do if Your Concealed Pistol or Outdoor Licenses Expire in Michigan

Michigan’s requirements for carrying a concealed pistol, and for hunting and fishing include having a valid state-issued license. Fees paid to acquire or retain a concealed pistol license (CPL) and outdoor licenses supposedly help pay for wildlife conservation, safety training, and ethical hunting and fishing practices.

Allowing your CPL or outdoor licenses to expire has serious financial and legal implications. Here is an overview of what to do next and how an experienced criminal defense and outdoor lawyer can assist you.  At my firm, we also believe it is helpful when your attorney understands self-defense and enjoys hunting and fishing.  We understand the importance of defending these rights.

Determine When Your Licenses Expire

First, confirm your license’s expiration date. You will want to renew your licenses before they expire, but sometimes, that doesn’t happen. Here’s how long Michigan CPL and outdoor licenses remain valid:

  • CPL: From the purchase date to the birthday that falls between four and five years after the license was purchased
  • Fishing license: From March 1 of the year of purchase to March 31 of the following year
  • Hunting license: One year from the date of issue

The county clerk is supposed to send a notice, usually within three to six months before expiration, reminding you to renew your CPL. There is no such reminder for hunting and fishing licenses, so make a note about their expiration date.  The DNR offers automatic renewals on-line for some licenses.

Understand the Consequences

Attempting to carry a concealed weapon, hunt, or fish with an expired license in Michigan has serious consequences:

  • Expired CPL – Carrying a pistol without a license is a FELONY, and you could go to prison. 
  • Expired Fishing License – Usually a misdemeanor, with fines ranging from $50 to $2,5000 and up to 90 days in jail.
  • Expired Hunting License – Can be a misdemeanor with fines up to $2,000, 180 days in jail, or both, depending on the specifics of your case and whether you are a repeat offender.

What To Do if Your Licenses Expire

As soon as you realize you are carrying, hunting, or fishing without a valid license, stop. For expired CPLs, stop carrying your pistol until you renew your license, either online or in person. You may also renew your hunting or fishing license online or at any authorized agency. If you encounter legal difficulties because of an expired license, contact an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of these cases.

How an Attorney Can Help

An experienced criminal defense and gun rights attorney can assist you with an expired license case by:

  • Helping you understand the exact nature of your alleged violation
  • Crafting a sound defense
  • Representing you in court if needed
  • Offering webinars or other resources to help license holders understand their rights and responsibilities

Expired CPL or Outdoors Licenses? Call the Law Office of John Freeman Today

While an expired license can be a source of anxiety, a knowledgeable criminal defense and outdoors law attorney can protect and defend your rights. As a former federal prosecutor, attorney John Freeman knows exactly what is at stake when your gun ownership and outdoor liberties face a legal threat. To learn more, call the Law Office of John Freeman at (248) 250-9950 for a free consultation.