Can I Hunt with an AR-15 in Michigan? 

Can I Hunt with an AR-15 in Michigan? 

Hunting with an AR-15 type rifle in Michigan is legal, provided you comply with caliber and magazine capacity restrictions applicable to the area you hunt in. For example, I personally have hunted whitetail deer with a .450 Bushmaster on an AR-15 platform in Southern Michigan. It is essential that hunters are aware of state regulations – and that they fully comply with these regulations. Otherwise, criminal charges could result, including an arrest. If this has happened to you, you should have a skilled Michigan criminal defense attorney that knows wildlife enforcement law (hunting and fishing laws) representing you at all stages of the proceedings. 

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Hunting Regulations in Michigan 

When hunters go out into the wild, they are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following various Michigan Hunting Laws. For example, hunters must be aware of: 

• Relevant licensing requirements 

• Seasonal regulations, including when it is permissible to hunt and where 

• Clothing requirements 

• Using the proper rifle to hunt 

• Methods for properly transporting a hunting rifle 

Hunters violating these regulations may be subject to fines, arrests, and other severe penalties. 

Hunting with an AR-15 in Michigan 

Deer hunters in Michigan can use an AR-15 style rifle, subject to certain restrictions. Any AR-15 that a hunter uses must satisfy several criteria. Those criteria include all of the following: 

• The rifle must have a barrel length of at least 16 inches 

• The gun must deer-legal caliber 

• The rifle’s magazine can only hold a maximum of five rounds – plus one in the chamber

Safety Precautions When Hunting in Michigan with an AR-15 

When deer hunting anywhere in Michigan, hunters should follow certain safety precautions to have the best possible experience. Those precautions include: 

• Make sure that you are aware of your overall surroundings at all times – not just your target 

• Using only the type of ammunition that the firearm is supposed to fire 

• Wearing hearing protection, safety glasses, and proper clothing while hunting 

• Make sure that you know your target and what lies immediately beyond it 

• Handling your AR-15 (or any firearm) as if it’s loaded – even if it does not have any ammunition 

• Keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot at and destroy your target 

• Maintaining your rifle regularly to ensure that it works appropriately whenever you go to use it 

• Checking the barrel of your rifle for any potential obstructions

• Wearing hunter’s orange clothing 

In a Dispute about Your Hunting Rights? 

Being aware of hunting regulations in Michigan is crucial. If you find yourself in a legal dispute about your hunting rights, you need to contact our gun lawyers at the Law Office of John Freeman immediately to explore your legal rights and potential options. 

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