Client Released on Bond After Weeks in Jail

Client Released on Bond After Weeks in Jail

Troy, MI – July 7, 2023: When our client’s family came to us 3 weeks ago, our 19-year-old client sat in the Oakland County Jail without bond in a serious armed robbery case. Mr. Freeman immediately went to work, and convinced the Court to actually set a bond. However, over Mr. Freeman’s objection, the bond became $1 Million, Cash/Surety. This was just as bad as no bond at all. Nevertheless, Mr. Freeman kept fighting.

Attorney Freeman Successfully Persuades Magistrate to Set Reasonable Bond

Yesterday, Mr. Freeman won the battle. After several court appearances, and a blatant attempt by the Prosecutor’s Office to deny our client’s right to a timely preliminary examination, Mr. Freeman successfully persuaded an Oakland County Magistrate to set a reasonable bond — $50,000.00 cash/surety with a 10% cash alternative. Today, after posting the bond, the Oakland County Jail released the client with a GPS tether.

No Bond or High Bond? Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Although the case continues, our client will not have to fight the charges from inside a jail cell. This is a vivid example of why having an experienced criminal defense attorney is vitally important during every stage of a case.