Michigan legislature considering red flag laws

Michigan legislature considering red flag laws

Democratic lawmakers introduced three bills to change Michigan’s gun ownership practices. According to Michigan Live, they focus on universal background checks, penalties for safe gun storage around minors and red flag laws.

Researchers argue that the best solution is combining mental health support and gun safety measures to prevent community violence. Execution is crucial to gun policy and realizing its potential effects on public health.

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Red flag laws become more common

Red flag laws are currently in use in 19 states. Implementation varies due to a lack of public awareness rules and insufficient training for law enforcement officers in responding to these calls. Supporters of Red flag laws claim they target individuals who are suicidal, homicidal or both, and not to seize someone’s guns based on a personal grudge, as claimed by opponents.

Red flag laws follow due process

Additionally, supporters of these laws claim that due process is built into the proceedings. A person served with an extreme risk protection order goes through a court hearing to determine whether they need to have their guns temporarily removed. While the impact of red flag laws on reducing firearm violence is unclear, supporters claim they have found that they came into use in cases of threats of multiple victims and mass shootings.

Opponents argue that focusing on mental health support is a better solution than penalizing all gun owners. Researchers counter that the best solution combines mental health support and gun safety. Supporters claim that Red flag laws are a step towards reducing firearm-related deaths. Still, their effectiveness in curbing violence is questionable at best.