Despite easing of marijuana laws, people can still be arrested

Despite easing of marijuana laws, people can still be arrested

Marijuana use in Michigan is no longer treated as automatic cause for arrest.

In recent years, there has been a widespread easing of the restrictions on the use of marijuana. This reduces the number of people who are arrested for relatively minor crimes and brings tax benefits to the state.

Still, just because people can use, possess, transport and cultivate marijuana within limits without fear of arrest, there are still plenty of criminal cases involving the drug.  If the crimes are severe enough, conviction can result in incarceration, fines and more.

Man arrested for delivering marijuana and tobacco to underage person

Recently, a 23-year-old Michigan man was arrested for delivery of marijuana and furnishing tobacco to a minor. There were other charges related to computer crimes and contributing to delinquency of a minor.

The investigation was said to have been conducted over the course of the year. According to news reports, the minor’s parents found out that their daughter was vaping. They checked her cellphone and found suspicious conversations that led to worry about what she was doing.

Law enforcement investigated and traced the conversations back to the man who was subsequently arrested. The man denied the charges. After his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance.

While people can use marijuana under specific conditions, the law states that they cannot operate any kind of vehicle after using it; it cannot be transferred to a person under 21; those under 21 cannot obtain, transport, possess, consume or sell it; and it cannot be consumed in a public place where using it is prohibited. There are other reasons why a person could be arrested on marijuana charges.

A well-planned defense can be critical to effectively fighting drug charges

People frequently make the mistake of thinking that the relative liberalization of marijuana use means that they will not be arrested. It is important to be aware of the avenues available for a criminal defense.

The evidence could have been accrued in a questionable manner, the officers may have made an error in pursuing the case, or there might be a reasonable explanation that can help with reducing the charges or getting acquitted. Seeking trustworthy and experienced representation that understands how prosecutors pursue cases can be key with formulating an effective defense for drug charges and reaching a positive outcome.