The ATF Says Forced Reset Triggers Are Machine Guns

The ATF Says Forced Reset Triggers Are Machine Guns

There has been controversy over forced reset triggers (FRTs) and how they should be classified. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) recently addressed the topic by issuing a letter, in which it declared that FRTs, along with certain other triggers, will now be classified as machine guns.

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Letter from ATF

According to the letter sent by ATF in March 2022, it was determined that some FRTs are “firearms” and “machineguns,” under the National Firearms Act, and “machineguns” under the Gun Control Act.

The ATF says that a FRT that automatically expels more than one shot with a continuous pull of the trigger and does not require the shooter to release the trigger before firing a second shot is a machine gun.

Here at the Law Office of John Freeman, we have seen an notable increase in inquiries from gun owners who ATF recently contacted based solely on their alleged purchase of FRTs.  For now, ATF seems to want the FRT surrendered to the government.  However, the responsibility of handling these types of situations has been delegated to Special Agents, who ordinarily only handle criminal investigations.  If contacted by ATF, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney that has handled FRT matters.

Rare Breed fights back against ATF

The ATF sent a cease and desist letter to Rare Breed in July 2021 to stop the company from manufacturing and selling its FRTs, but Rare Breed continued to sell them after the request for an injunction was denied.

According to Rare Breed, its FRT is a legal semi-automatic trigger, as the trigger must be pulled for every bullet.

ATF decision could affect gun owners

This declaration from the ATF may affect gun owners all over Michigan. If you are facing criminal charges related to gun ownership, a criminal defense attorney may be able to help. Your attorney can review the circumstances surrounding your case and identify possible defense strategies that can help your case. The penalties that come with a conviction on weapons charges can be severe. It’s important for those accused of weapons crimes to learn about their legal options.