How will you address drug charges in Michigan?

How will you address drug charges in Michigan?

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National news coverage about illegal drugs in America may have some of our readers thinking that law enforcement officials and prosecutors are getting more “lenient” with these crimes. But, the fact is that may of those involved in the justice system are as zealous as ever about arresting and prosecuting those who are suspected of being involved in any way with illegal drugs. If you find yourself facing a drug charge in Michigan, how will you address that case?

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Your approach will likely depend on the severity of the charges and the potential penalties associated with the charges – but, in reality, all drug charges should be taken seriously. It is common for some people who are charged with “simple” possession of a small amount of illegal drugs, or with possession of paraphernalia, to treat these cases as “minor.” However, if you are convicted on even a misdemeanor drug charge, you are likely looking at some term of probation supervision, court-ordered drug testing, education classes, 12 step meetings, and possibly jail-time and/or fines as well.

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Felony drug cases involving manufacturing, trafficking and dealing drugs are where defendants may face the prospect of years of incarceration in prison. Many federal cases involved mandatory incarceration.  An aggressive approach to fighting these charges – even taking the case all the way to a jury trial – may be the best option for defendants in these cases.

Your case, your life

At our law firm, we understand the potentially life-altering nature of drug charges for our clients. We do our best to assess each client’s case for all possible options. For more information about how we help Michigan residents who find themselves facing drug charges, please visit the drug charge overview section of our law firm’s website.