A first-time domestic violence charge is a serious matter

A first-time domestic violence charge is a serious matter

Anyone in the greater Detroit area, no matter their background and walk of life, can face what people commonly refer to as a domestic assault charge. Unless there are aggravating circumstances, such as prior convictions, a weapon, or serious injury, a domestic assault charge will usually be a misdemeanor under Michigan law.

Even after a first-time offense, a person convicted on these charges can go to jail, and may have to pay a fine. Also, misdemeanors will appear on a person’s criminal record in the long-term.  There may also be collateral consequences to a domestic violence offense, such as an inability to possess a firearm.

But even if a person has an opportunity to avoid jail and other more serious penalties by signing a plea bargain, they should think carefully about the other long-term consequences of a domestic violence conviction.

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The fallout from a conviction of domestic assault can last for years

After one domestic violence conviction, even a person with no other criminal history might find it hard to move on with their life. For example, if the person is a parent, a family court judge will consider her conviction in any child custody or parenting time decision. This is an important point to remember since many accusation of domestic violence come to light around the time a relationship is ending or recently ended.

If a person is not a citizen of the United States, then he might face deportation because of the conviction. Domestic assault convictions can also affect a person’s gun rights. Under federal law, those convicted of a crime related to domestic violence lose their right to possess firearms. Depending on one’s line of work, domestic violence convictions may limit a person’s professional opportunities or even force her to find a new line of work.

Before agreeing to any plea, those accused of domestic violence should be sure they understand all possible consequences of a conviction.  We can help.