New options for DUI offenders to clear their record

New options for DUI offenders to clear their record

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A drunk driving conviction can take a toll on your life. Sure, it can prevent you from driving for a significant period of time and you may have to spend some time in jail, but if you’ve been convicted of one of these offenses then you know that the ramifications can be much broader and longer lasting. In fact, a drunk driving conviction can indefinitely affect your ability to secure employment.

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New laws provide opportunities for those with DUI convictions

Fortunately, new laws set to go into effect this year seek to provide those who have been convicted of drunk driving offenses with more opportunities to clear their record. Perhaps the biggest change is that those individuals who have only one DUI conviction on their record can seek expungement after a five-year waiting period starting at the time that the individual’s probation ends. Those who caused injury or death as a result of their drunk driving will be barred from seeking expungement.

This new law will allow many Michigan residents the opportunity to reclaim parts of their life that have been taken from them. Keep in mind, though, that these expungements are not automatically granted. Instead, you’ll want to present evidence that shows that you’ve improved yourself and learned your lesson. Evidence of participation in rehabilitation and education programs, for example, may prove beneficial.

Competently navigate the law to protect your interests

This is exciting news for those who have been struggling to cope with a bad decision made what seems like a lifetime ago. If you’re ready to fight to reclaim your life, then now may be the time to sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss how best to proceed with your expungement.