Even experienced hunters like Ted Nugent can make mistakes

Even experienced hunters like Ted Nugent can make mistakes

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We all make mistakes. But sometimes those mistakes can lead to serious allegations and potentially devastating penalties. While that’s certainly true when it comes to major criminal offense, even something as seemingly minor as a hunting or fishing violation can have a significant impact on your life.

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Ted Nugent’s case

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Ted Nugent found this out the hard way. Some years ago, the singer-guitarist recently signed a plea deal acknowledging that he illegally killed and transported a black bear while in Alaska after he had already wounded another bear while bow hunting. Nugent claimed that he was unaware of the law, and it appears that his lawyer and the judge were unaware, too.

Regardless, the singer ended up signing a plea agreement whereby he has to pay a $10,000 fine and be subjected to two years of probation. On top of that, Nugent was court ordered to create and distribute a periodic public service announcement that he will promote on his channel.

This isn’t Nugent’s first run in with the law when it comes to hunting and fishing violations. In 2010 the singer had his hunting licensed revoked in California after he was found to have illegally baited dear and failed to obtain proper tags.

Lessons learned

If there’s anything that you can take away from Nugent’s cases it’s that the hunting and fishing laws aren’t well-known, but the penalties for violating them can be severe. We all make mistakes, of course, even famous entertainers do, but you shouldn’t let those mistakes derail your future. Fortunately, by having a competent legal professional on your side you might be able to avoid harsh penalties so that you move past any hunting or fishing issue that you may be facing.