Know your options when facing drug charges in Michigan

Know your options when facing drug charges in Michigan

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Some of our readers in Michigan may have noticed news stories about how certain drug offenses are being treated with quite a bit more leniency in a few states in America these days. But, in our state, that is far from true. The penalties associated with a conviction on drug charges can be staggering, impacting a person’s life far beyond the final sentence in the case. From that point on, a person convicted of a drug crime could face incredible difficulty finding work or even a place to live, among many other potential problems. When facing a drug charge in Michigan, it is important to know your options.

Planning a criminal defense strategy

In the aftermath of a drug arrest, you may feel like your options are limited. However, every arrestee in Michigan, no matter the charges, is entitled to a defense. In drug cases in particular, constitutional rights may have been infringed, which may mean that you have even more defense options than you realize.

From drug possession charges all the way to drug distribution and manufacturing charges, thousands of people face allegations of drug-related crimes in Michigan every year. For some, pushing the case all the way to a trial is the best option. For others, considering a plea agreement may be the best strategy. Each case is different, with different factual scenarios, so the options in any given case can vary.

At our law firm, we work with those who are facing drug charges in Michigan, from seemingly “simple” possession charges to much more serious offenses. We do our best to help our clients make good decisions for their future. For more information, please visit the criminal defense overview section of our law firm’s website.