Can a suspended hunting license be fought in Michigan?

Can a suspended hunting license be fought in Michigan?

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There are many people in Michigan who enjoy the outdoors and like to hunt. This is a fundamental activity in the state and is perfectly legal provided the hunter adheres to the statewide requirements. Unfortunately, there are certain behaviors that can lead to a suspension of a hunting license. For people who were hunting and are accused of committing a violation that might result in legal problems, including the suspension of a hunting license, it is important to understand what constitutes a violation and how to mount a viable defense.

Hunting is a responsibility that should be taken seriously

People may make mistakes, intentionally or otherwise, or be falsely accused of committing acts while hunting that can result in a suspension of their hunting license.  For example, the following are all illegal behaviors with hunting licenses: making false statements when applying for a license or using a license obtained fraudulently; killing or possessing of wild animals without a license; selling, loaning or permitting another person to use his or her license; illegally altering or falsifying the license; reusing or using another person’s tags for deer, bear, elk or other animals; uses illegal trapping strategies; has more than the maximum number of licenses / kill tags permitted per season; or getting a license for someone who is ineligible to have one. There are criminal penalties for these acts with jail for up to 90 days, fines of between $25 and $250 and more. Some offenses even carry mandatory jail sentences for the convicted offender.  They will also be required to surrender their hunting license.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) laws are designed to protect the environment and ensure that hunters have safe hunting grounds. In addition to those listed above, violations include failing to wear properly colored clothing when hunting (hunters orange), hunting out of season, bait violations, weapons violations, hunting under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which may result in a license suspension. That is why it is important to understand viable avenues of defense.  At the Law Office of John Freeman, we hunt and fish – regularly.  We understand the viable avenues of defense that may be available.

Legal help with hunting license issues

Hunting violations happen frequently, but there is a chance that the hunter can avoid a suspension or conviction. Perhaps he or she simply made an honest and inadvertent mistake. A person could have been accused of doing something that another hunter did. Or there could be a lack of evidence of the violation. When facing hunting and fishing violations, consulting with a legal professional who understands hunting, fishing, and outdoors law, rules, and how to defend against a conviction and suspension is imperative. Before doing anything else, call us for representation to save your hunting and fishing rights.