Michigan deer hunt regulations finalized for 2020 season

Michigan deer hunt regulations finalized for 2020 season

Hunting in Michigan is an enjoyable, competitive and adventurous sport for many people. Hunters may better prepare for a successful and safe hunting season when they are aware of the new regulations put in place by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

People who prioritize adherence to federally issued guidelines may prevent the disappointment of getting into legal trouble due to hunting violations.

New regulations, new opportunities

With a healthy and growing deer population in Michigan, officials aimed to accomplish the dual goal of managing the number of deer, while enabling people to safely and legally enjoy a rewarding hunting season in 2020. The new regulations allow for increased flexibility in the strategies that hunters may implement to catch deer, as well as alternative methods to cut costs for people interested in participating in the deer hunt.

Categorized changes

Changes impact hunters on a statewide level, but are also broken down in categories from the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula. Some of the notable changes include the following:

  • Increased flexibility for hunters with disabilities
  • Updated instructions regarding specific Deer Management Units (DMUs)
  • Extended archery season in certain counties

Hunters may anticipate an exciting season and feel added confidence when they are familiar with the guidelines. If people face charges of hunting violations because of misinformation about legal requirements for the 2020 season, they may face a variety of consequences. Depending on the situation and the evidence they have that proves they had inadequate information regarding regulations, they may have the chance to negotiate the outcome of the penalties recommended.

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