Why are more women choosing to become gun owners?

Why are more women choosing to become gun owners?

The world can be a scary and unwelcoming place, especially for women concerned about violence against them. As a result, women across the nation are exercising their rights and choosing to become gun owners

There are many different reasons to purchase a firearm. Some people are avid hunters and primarily use their weapons for that purpose. Others are concerned about self-defense, both for themselves as well as their families.  Some people realize that they are personally responsible their safety and security.  The police are there for the aftermath.   For a growing number of women, self-protection is the leading reason they are becoming new gun owners. 

Mass shootings & violence an increasing concern 

The growing number of mass killings in recent years, which have taken place at schools, malls, nightclubs, and many other locations, have many people concerned about their personal safety in public. A perception that the world is becoming more violent in general is another concern, one that leaves ordinary citizens wondering how to defend themselves should the time come. 

Accordingly, increasing violence is often cited as a reason for the growing number of female gun owners. A study conducted in 2017 showed that 71% of female gun owners claimed that self-protection was the primary reason for purchasing a firearm. Additionally, 27% of the same group stated that their sole reason for purchasing a gun was protection. 

Gun ownership also boosts peace of mind 

The notion of owning a gun and lawfully carrying it on your person provides immense peace of mind in an uncertain world. However, new gun owners must also take the proper steps to train with their weapons to ensure they can safely load, store, and shoot their firearms. 

In this case, there are numerous groups and organizations that encourage safe female gun ownership. Attending gun safety classes is also beneficial, as is practicing shooting in a safe, controlled environment, such as a gun range. While exercising your rights to own a weapon is important, responsibility with the firearm is equally so.