What happens if police are at your door?

What happens if police are at your door?

Michigan residents like you should know your rights if police come to your door. When law enforcement shows up, it is often an unsettling and anxiety-provoking experience. Some lose their cool and act without thinking things through.

If the police ever come to your door, it is crucial to know how to handle the situation.

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Ask why they are at your home

Flex Your Rights discusses what to do if police show up on your doorstep. First, know this does not apply if the police have a search warrant. This gives them legal permission to enter your premise and conduct a search.

The first thing to do, then, is establish why they are at your home. You can speak to them through the door or window.  Speaking through the opening if you have a chain lock may also work.

Stay respectful but keep a distance

Always treat officers in a respectful way. Antagonizing a police officer may lead to them finding a reason to arrest you. Treat them like any other guest to your home. Do not raise your voice. Do not give them reason to act aggressively toward you. De-escalate any tension where possible.

If they ask to search your house, inform them that you cannot let them do that without a warrant. Police will often leave in due time without a warrant. Then, you can get into contact with a lawyer. It is crucial to do this before running into the police again.