Losing a job due to assault allegations

Losing a job due to assault allegations

Those accused of assault often face many hardships in their lives, not only in the immediate future but even years down the road. For example, some people face long-term career challenges due to an assault case, especially if they lost their job or are unable to secure a position due to their record. 

If you are facing assault charges, it is imperative to protect your rights and handle your case properly to minimize the impact of these allegations in terms of your professional opportunities. 

A shattered reputation 

There are various reasons why people suffer from a career standpoint when they are accused of physical or sexual assault. For example, some professionals may face a license revocation that could prohibit continuing employment.  In other fields, these allegations are very disruptive and employers decide to let employees go. When someone is accused of assault, their reputation is often tarnished, especially if they are a high-profile member in the community (such as a politician or religious leader) or hold a prestigious position at their place of work. Many people are unable to restore their good reputation. Moreover, even if an employer does not directly attribute the termination of one’s position to assault charges, it is likely that these allegations played a role in their firing. 

False accusations 

Sometimes, people are accused of assault when they are innocent. This is especially upsetting for many people and it is pivotal for those facing false allegations of assault to uncover all details surrounding the incident(s) and stand up for their rights in court. Our law firm covers many topics concerning assault charges on our blog, so please spend more time reviewing our content.  If you or someone you love is facing an assault charge, contact us.  A delay in doing so could make the difference between a good result and a bad one.