Securing proven legal counsel in the wake of a DUI/OWI charge

Securing proven legal counsel in the wake of a DUI/OWI charge

Legions of motorists in Michigan who have endured a roadside stop pursuant to a police officer’s suspicion that they are driving drunk mark the experience as a lifetime memory.

And a decidedly unpleasant one, at that.

Their lasting negative impressions are eminently understandable.

Here’s why: Michigan criminal justice officials (i.e., cops and prosecutors) take a dim and uncompromising view of drivers that they allege engaged in behind-the-wheel while intoxicated.

The downsides of a DUI/OWI (driving under the influence; operating while under the influence) conviction anywhere in the state are routinely stark and often severe. We duly note at the proven Troy criminal defense Law Office of John Freeman that an arrested motorist faces “a significant loss of your freedom.” Following are some of the commonly imposed penalties meted out to Michigan motorists convicted of drunk driving.

  • Significant jail time, even for some first-time offenders
  • Fines and related monetary costs that can easily run into many thousands of dollars
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Imposed community service
  • License suspension
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

Notably, that bulleted list spells only a partial compendium of the post-conviction downsides awaiting many motorists. We note on our website, for example, that “a conviction can make it significantly more difficult to find a job or obtain housing.” Education opportunities might be derailed. A materially limiting social stigma can attach.

Many of those results are far from automatic for motorists who timely reach out for proven and aggressive legal counsel following a DUI/OWI arrest. An experienced defense attorney – especially one with an integrated background marked by significant prior experience as a prosecutor – will work diligently to defeat or maximally mitigate criminal charges.

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