Don’t Hide

Don’t Hide

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Something as simple as a traffic ticket can land you in jail if you fail to appear in court. Arrests that stem from failures to appear in court typically come from bench warrants. Bench warrants are issued by judges. Bench warrants allow officers to arrest you upon contact. It is used to make sure you appear in court. Be careful. If a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, it can be unlikely that you will be released on bail because you are considered a flight risk.

Another type of warrant that can land you in jail is an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants can be issued when there is evidence that you committed a particular crime. It can be issued by a judge or magistrate. Arrest warrants give officers permission to arrest you upon contact and/or come into your home to arrest you.

Police have multiple, including unusual, tactics to execute warrants. For example, recent media reports in Missouri detailed how a man hiding from police farted so loudly that the police were able to locate and arrest him.

Being unaware that there is a warrant out for your arrest will not stop the police from arresting you. However, if you are aware of a warrant out for your arrest, the best thing for you to do is hire an attorney to handle your surrender. You will have a better chance of going home the same day instead of spending time in jail. Call the Law Office of John Freeman. Mr. Freeman routinely accompanies clients when they surrender in state and federal courts.