The Justice System: More Federal Prosecutors On the Way

The Justice System: More Federal Prosecutors On the Way

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In The Justice System, the federal government  recently announced that it will be adding approximately 300 Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) nationwide. This increase marks the largest in decades. The government intends to increase resources to combat violent crime, enforce immigration laws, and help address the devastating opioid crisis.

The current administration has been vocal and has taken important steps on the opioid crisis. In March, executive branch leadership urged federal prosecutors to pursue death penalty charges in some drug cases with the hope that the harsh penalty would deter those participating in the black-market manufacture and distribution of opioids. In May, the Attorney General proposed a change to drug policy that would limit the amount of opioids companies could manufacture. The current increase in federal prosecutors assigned to combat the opioid crisis will undoubtedly correspond to an increase in federal prosecutions for conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute, money laundering, and asset forfeitures.

To combat violent crime in The Justice System, the government has encouraged longer sentences as a deterrence. Prosecutors have also started to crack down on gang violence, most notably on MS-13, which is infamous for its brutality. New AUSAs will be assigned to high priority areas nationwide. Here in Michigan, expect additional prosecutors in Grand Rapids and Detroit.

The government is also increasing resources to enforce immigration laws. The feds have not only cracked down on sanctuary cities, but federal agents have enlisted local law enforcement to help with immigration related violations. Federal efforts, in conjunction with local assistance and more federal prosecutors, will undoubtedly result in more criminal immigration prosecutions nationwide.

This increase in the number of federal prosecutors provides muscle behind the frequent rhetoric that the feds are getting “tough on crime”. While the effectiveness and impact of more AUSAs remains to be seen, common sense suggests there will be an increase in federal cases in Michigan.

Expending more resources also opens the door to greater chances of prosecutorial misconduct.  Government leadership will expect deliverables – more prosecutions and convictions, possibly based on questionable evidence. Therefore, if you or a loved one is facing a federal investigation or prosecution, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. As a former federal prosecutor, Super Lawyer nominee John Freeman knows what to look for and how to protect your rights. Do not delay, call Mr. Freeman today. It could be the most important call you make!