Narcotics and Drugs: Causing Death Means Life in Prison

Narcotics and Drugs: Causing Death Means Life in Prison

It’s a profoundly bad idea to do Narcotics and Drugs. This cannot be overstated. We have all heard stories of lives and families destroyed by drugs. As a result, the state has an obligation to its citizens to try to reduce drug use for the public health and general welfare of the people of the state. So, society demands legal consequences to stop the use of illegal drugs. Still, it would be naive to think people will stop using drugs altogether just because of the laws; after all, drugs are addictive and people do manage to get caught in its trap. Still, the State of Michigan has a tool in its criminal law toolkit to use against illegal drugs. But this one isn’t for drug users themselves, it’s for those who who give drugs to OTHER people.

As reported in the Detroit Free Press, two neighbors from Warren, a woman and man in their forties, have been charged for supplying drugs to a younger neighbor, a 16 year old girl, who then died of an overdose. What is different here is that the suspects being charged are not drug dealers. They simply shared drugs with an acquaintance, something many recreational drug don’t think twice about doing.


Although the factual details are limited, the teen and her boyfriend, already high on Xanax, contacted a neighbor who called another neighbor to secure some opioid pills with the teen’s own money. After acquiring the pills, the teens and the female neighbor crushed and snorted them. The female neighbor later found the teenage girl dead. The Macomb County Prosecutor indicated he will aggressively pursue a heavy sentence since the suppliers were much older than the victim, and since the opioid epidemic has been disproportionally destructive to the lives of young people. If convicted of delivery of a controlled substance causing death, the two could face life in prison.  Yet another reason to avoid Narcotics and Drugs.

If you or someone you know is caught in the addictive grip of drugs, seeking help is essential, and professional help, medical and psychiatric, is highly recommended. Additionally, drug users should understand the additional legal dangers associated with recreational drug use with others. If the unthinkable happens, and you or someone you know is charged with possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, or with supplying drugs that lead to another’s death, contact an attorney immediately. Attorney John Freeman has been practicing criminal law for his entire 24-year career and he and his staff are available to help.