The Justice System: Client Responsibilities

The Justice System: Client Responsibilities

In the justice system, even the best and most experienced criminal defense attorney can only put a client on solid footing to succeed in life.  Like in a parent/child relationship, the client, just like a child, has a responsibility to take advantage of opportunities provided by the attorney (parent).

Every criminal defense attorney is obligated to try to put his or her client, the defendant, in the best position possible in any and every criminal case. Here at the Law Office of John Freeman, PLLC, we do this in a variety of ways by presenting strong legal arguments in and outside the courtroom. The attorney, however, is not the only person who has responsibilities to help the client’s case succeed. The client, too, is responsible for their cass.  Clients must follow the rules set by the court, including any conditions of bond or probation, and staying out of further trouble. The client’s responsibility is to keep him- or herself in the best position possible for a favorable outcome.

However, sometimes clients loose sight of their responsibilities.  Indeed, a client can put themselves in a worse position than when his or her criminal case began. For example, a recent article in The Detroit Free Press, which did not involve one of the firm’s clients, highlighted this very issue.  A Michigan woman, went to a courthouse to pay her court fines and ended up being arrested for an unrelated criminal matter. Court administrators smelled alcohol on the woman when she attempted to pay her fines and called the police. The police administered a PBT (a preliminary breath test) which measured the woman’s blood alcohol content (BAC) at 0.131%. Upon questioning by law enforcement, the woman admitted that she had driven to court to pay her fines. The legal limit in Michigan is 0.08%. The woman was then arrested for operating while intoxicated.

So, here, although the woman was trying to do the right thing and pay her court fines, she missed the mark.  Rather than avoiding another criminal case, she drove drunk to the courthouse. She put herself in a worse position – a position that will require an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle properly.

In the justice system, our law firm strives to put our client’s first and achieve the best results in every case – we just ask that you help us to help you. Following any interaction with police, especially one which results in an arrest, you should immediately consult with an experienced Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Monroe, Genesee, St. Clair, Kent, Ingham, Jackson, Hillsdale, Allegan, Lapeer, and Alpena County, MI criminal defense attorney. Call the Law Office of John Freeman, PLLC for a free consultation today.