Felony Consequences in The Justice System

Felony Consequences in The Justice System

In The Justice System, it is obvious that state and federal felony charges can have serious consequences, including substantial incarceration, parole, probation, fines and costs, attorney fees, and non-citizen deportation.

Less obvious consequences include potentially loss of parental rights, loss of employment, and ineligibility for professional licenses for doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and persons in the financial industry. Additional examples include loosing the right to perform jury service or enlist in the military. People may also lose their right to receive public assistance like temporary housing, food stamps, and cash assistance. Other professions impacted by criminal convictions include day-care providers, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel.

In addition, a felony conviction may result in a permanent loss of one’s right to possess a firearm. And although a felony conviction may not keep a person from being able to obtain a hunting license, it may still disqualify a person from buying and possessing the firearm to hunt.

In addition to the wide range of adverse consequences, many people do not realize that in the justice system there are state felony convictions for things that the average person may not even realize could be a felony. The most common offense that can be a felony under certain circumstances are alcohol and driving offenses. Other non-obvious offenses are things like failing to support a spouse or children, possessing or unauthorized use of a financial transaction devise (credit card) without consent, unlawful use of a vehicle, or falsely reporting a felony. Of course, some crimes are obvious felonies, like Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery, Home Invasion, Child Pornography, Public Corruption, Wire Fraud, Drug Distribution, Fraud, and Murder

Regardless of the specific allegation, if you or someone you love is facing a criminal investigation or charge, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney. You should know your rights and fully understand the wide range of consequences a felony conviction may bring beyond incarceration.