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Facing allegations for a violent crime can be an overwhelming experience. Michigan enforces strict penalties for such offenses, and the repercussions can extend long after your sentence is served.

When confronting a misdemeanor or felony charge for a violent crime, it’s crucial to secure the services of a Detroit criminal defense lawyer. You have the right to legal representation, and it’s essential to exercise that right.

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Why We Are Your Ideal Choice:

In the realm of criminal defense, you have several options. One route is to rely on a public defender. While these attorneys are dedicated and hardworking, they often have limited time to dedicate to your case compared to a private defense attorney. John Freeman, our lead attorney, ensures that your case receives his undivided attention.

A Dual Perspective from Both Sides of the Courtroom:

John Freeman brings a unique perspective to his criminal defense practice. Having been a local prosecutor in New York and a federal prosecutor in Detroit, he possesses valuable insights into court procedures, the dynamics between prosecutors and defense attorneys, and the thinking of prosecutors. This background equips him to construct a robust defense strategy on your behalf.

Impressive Track Record:

Your defense requires an attorney with a proven track record of success. John Freeman has assisted numerous individuals in avoiding charges for violent crimes by having their cases dismissed or securing acquittals at trial.

Industry Recognitions:

The Law Office of John Freeman has earned recognition from respected legal organizations, including:

  • Super Lawyers
  • Who’s Who in America
  • DBusiness, Top Lawyer, Criminal Law
  • Lawyers of Distinction, Excellence in Criminal Law
  • American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, 10 Best for Client Satisfaction
  • National Trial Lawyers, Top 100
  • American Society of Legal Advocates, Top 100
  • Avvo, Top Attorney, 10.0 Superb Rating
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan

How We Can Assist You:

When you retain the services of John Freeman, he will conduct a thorough analysis of your case. He will gather and evaluate all available evidence, including listening to your account of the events. Truth is crucial, and with it, he can build a robust defense.

Negotiating with the Prosecutor:

Hiring an experienced violent crimes defense lawyer increases the chances of reducing the charges. John Freeman will scrutinize the charges and assess whether the prosecutor is overreaching. If the facts support a lesser charge, this could significantly impact the outcome.

Seeking a Dismissal:

If you are wrongfully accused of a violent crime, we will strive to have your case dismissed. It’s not uncommon for individuals to face false accusations, and we will work diligently to clear your name.

Negotiating Plea Deals:

Sometimes, it may not be feasible to secure a dismissal. In such cases, John Freeman provides candid advice on the next steps. He may explore options to mitigate the consequences through a plea bargain.

Trial Preparation:

While not all criminal cases proceed to trial, the Law Office of John Freeman is fully prepared to represent you before a jury. Attorney Freeman boasts extensive litigation experience and is unafraid to vigorously defend your case.

Common Violent Crime Charges in Michigan:

The Law Office of John Freeman is well-equipped to defend against a variety of violent crime charges, including but not limited to:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang Violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Stalking

Crafting an Aggressive Defense:

When you face the prospect of imprisonment, it is essential to present a robust defense. Never accept conviction or a harsh sentence as your fate. Work with an attorney who will fight tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

The Law Office of John Freeman understands the gravity of your situation. We recognize the importance of avoiding a permanent criminal record, particularly if you have prior convictions. We also appreciate the hardships that incarceration places on families. You should be with your loved ones, not separated from them.

Given the gravity of your charges, Attorney Freeman is committed to constructing a comprehensive and aggressive defense. He will scrutinize all aspects of your case to identify the most advantageous strategy, whether that involves reducing or dropping charges or securing an acquittal.

He will investigate:

  • Police interactions to identify potential constitutional rights violations.
  • The credibility of witnesses and the extent to which they can corroborate the allegations.
  • The credibility of the accusers, bearing in mind that accusations do not equate to guilt.
  • The possibility of mistaken identity, especially if the charges are based on a generic description.
  • Alibi evidence that can establish your presence elsewhere during the alleged offense.
  • Any signs of racial profiling in your arrest.
  • The admissibility of evidence presented by the prosecutor, ensuring that irrelevant, prejudicial, or illegally obtained evidence is not used against you.

John Freeman will analyze your case from all angles and provide you with honest guidance on the best path forward.

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