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By Client Recommendation

I’ve dealt with many attorneys over the course of my lifetime, from divorce to defense and prosecution and John is BY FAR the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with! I’ve hired the big box attorneys before – the guys you see on TV – and NEVER did I get the type of personal attention I’ve received from Mr. Freeman. READ MORE

By Fellow Attorney

As an immigration attorney of thirty years experience, who does not practice criminal law, I am very particular about who I refer my clients to. In my client’s cases it is not only their freedom that is at stake, but their right to remain in the United States with their families and, sometimes even their lives (witness, Hmong freedom fighters and Iraqi Christians). READ MORE

By Client e-mail

Mr. Freeman, I don’t have the words to express my thanks for representing me. I couldn’t have found a better attorney — someone who takes the time to understand the nuances of legal matters, provides straightforward counsel and is “streetwise” savvy enough to know exactly when and how hard to push when it counts the most. READ MORE