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What Can You Hunt Year-Round in Michigan?

From the expansive forests to the rolling hills, Michigan has some of the best hunting grounds where hunters can find a wide variety of game to pursue. Conservation and wildlife management in Michigan is made possible by educated hunters. Adherence …


Great Lake State Fishing: Recent Changes to Fishing Regulations in Michigan

To many, fishing is the ultimate pastime. Fortunately for Michigan residents, the state is home to more than 10,000 inland lakes and tens of thousands of miles of waterways containing fish of all different varieties, from brown trout to salmon …


Can I Hunt with an AR-15 in Michigan? 

Hunting with an AR-15 type rifle in Michigan is legal, provided you comply with caliber and magazine capacity restrictions applicable to the area you hunt in. For example, I personally have hunted whitetail deer with a .450 Bushmaster on an …