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Abuse of Children Versus Discipline: When Is a Line Crossed?/Mental and Physical Abuse Charges

Parents have certain rights in regard to disciplining their children in Michigan. However, it can sometimes be difficult to understand where a parent’s rights end. At what point does disciplining a child become abuse?

Understanding the legal difference between disciplining …


Can You Drink While Carrying a Gun in Michigan?

No. Your right to carry a gun under the 2nd Amendment does not extend to circumstances when you have been drinking.

Under Michigan law, you are prohibited from carrying a concealed pistol or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption (EMD) …


What Happens if You Get Caught Shoplifting in Michigan?

If you’re caught shoplifting in Michigan, your future might be at risk. You could face criminal charges and have to go through the legal process to fight for a fair outcome. Luckily, if you’re facing shoplifting charges, you’re not alone. …


Can I Fish Without a License in Michigan?

When the weather gets warm, you may find yourself wanting to get outside and participate in some outdoor activities, including fishing. Fishing is a common pastime in Michigan, as the state offers several fantastic fishing locations. 

However, while packing up …


Attorney John Freeman Recognized as “Best of the Best”

John Freeman, principal attorney of the Law Office of John Freeman, was recently honored as one of the “Best of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys” by Best of the Best Attorneys.

A former state and federal prosecutor, Mr. Freeman has …


The Role of a Defense Attorney in Federal Violent Crime Cases

When someone is charged with a violent crime at the federal level, it’s a serious situation. In many cases, you can be facing significant jail time, fines, and a criminal record that could follow you around for decades. These crimes …