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Jury Selection in a Criminal Case

Jury selection is an intricate process that can make or break a trial. If it looks like your case may be headed to trial, it is important to understand what goes on behind the scenes during jury selection so you …


Can eyewitness accounts of crimes be inaccurate?

We see it on television and in movies all the time. During a criminal trial, a witness points at the defendant and says, “I saw them commit the crime.”

Such evidence may seem clear cut, but this is not always …


Know your rights if you face a criminal charge

Most of our readers in Michigan know that when someone is arrested, they are supposed to be “read their rights” before any questioning by law enforcement. That, of course, refers to the “Miranda rights,” so-called because of the name of …


What is the Oakland County Clean Slate Program?

Life is difficult if you have a criminal record. Landlords, banks, schools and employers can perform a criminal background check or search public records only to find you were once convicted of a crime.

You can be denied housing, a …


Why Are Federal Sentences More Severe?

If accused of breaking federal law, you may be reckoning with the possibility of prison time, high fines, and other penalties that could seem disproportionate to similar cases at the state level.

While state prosecutors and judges have a degree …


What is a compounding or concealing offense in Michigan

Sometimes being paid “hush money” is against the law. For example, if you catch someone breaking into your house to steal your valuables, and then you accept $500 from the wrongdoer in exchange for not reporting the burglary to the …