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Know your rights if you face a criminal charge

Most of our readers in Michigan know that when someone is arrested, they are supposed to be “read their rights” before any questioning by law enforcement. That, of course, refers to the “Miranda rights,” so-called because of the name of …


Does airport security have the power to arrest people?

When you go to the airport, unless you are not flying, you cannot avoid Transportation Security Administration officers. They carry badges, search your property and give orders as you go through one of their check points. Indeed, they are unavoidable …


Is there a mental health crisis in Michigan?

In Michigan and across the United States, we often chalk up people’s troubles with the law to their own bad choices. However, there are frequently extenuating circumstances that contribute mightily to their behavior. Specifically, they might have mental health issues …


Search and seizure protections and what they mean

When a person is facing criminal charges, they may feel like nothing is on their side, but that is not true. Michigan and federal law provide many important protections for people needing criminal defense.

There are certain procedures that law …


Four mistakes to avoid if accused of a crime in Michigan

Being accused of a crime in Michigan can be an intimidating situation to be in. You may feel panicked and unsure of how to proceed. The following are four mistakes to avoid if you are accused of a crime in …


How can I prepare for my arraignment?

Getting arrested is stressful to say the least. In the immediacy of an arrest, it’s common to be concerned about the potential penalties that you might be facing, but you really need to take your case one step at a …