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E-cigarettes cannot be sold to teens, but may stay on the market

No teenagers should be using products containing nicotine, and it is in the public interest to discourage such use. Still, vape products are increasingly used by teenagers who see them as a healthier and more attractive alternative to traditional tobacco …


Should I fight a misdemeanor ticket?

Did you receive a misdemeanor ticket in Michigan lately? Chances are you are not alone. As mentioned in a previous post on this blog, earlier this year Michigan enacted a law that increased the number of crimes that would be …


Will this law mean less misdemeanor arrests in Michigan?

Does it seem like getting a mere ticket for breaking the law is better than being arrested for committing a crime? It may seem so at first glance, and Michigan has enacted a law that expands the number of misdemeanor …


Shoplifting Misdemeanors

Shoplifting Misdemeanor v. Felony: The Consequences for Shoplifting are More Serious than Most Expect

Shoplifting in Michigan is no longer just considered a petty offense subject to a light jail sentence and/or a fine. Depending on the value of the …


Misdemeanor Shoplifting? Maybe Not.

Thinking about misdemeanor shoplifting? Think again. Michigan law imposes serious penalties for committing retail fraud, which is more commonly known as shoplifting in Michigan. There are three different degrees of retail fraud. The value of the property being taken is …