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Client Released on Bond After Weeks in Jail

Troy, MI – July 7, 2023: When our client’s family came to us 3 weeks ago, our 19-year-old client sat in the Oakland County Jail without bond in a serious armed robbery case. Mr. Freeman immediately went to work, and …


Concealed Weapons Charges: Will I Have to Go to Jail?

Many individuals feel that carrying a concealed firearm is not only their right, but something that is necessary for their protection. However, in the state of Michigan, this act is considered a felony and can result in severe consequences. Not …


Faced With Criminal Sexual Assault Accusations? Here’s Why You Should Get Us Involved as Soon as Possible.

When you hire a defense attorney to help you with allegations of criminal sexual assault, they are responsible for coming to your defense and advocating for your rights. But did you know that there are specific actions that you, as …


Michigan hunting violations may be more serious than you think

Spring turkey hunting season is almost here in Michigan, which means many Michigan residents are enjoying one of their favorite times of the year.

Whether you are new to hunting or have been engaging in this beloved Michigan tradition for …


Who can check the Sex Offender Registry?

For those facing sex crime charges, you know the consequences are severe. Unlike any other criminal conviction, a sex crime conviction means you likely will have to register with both the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, as well as a national …


An early victory in the case against an ex-deputy accused of soliciting a minor

Rarely are the press releases from the police and their public relations officers the full story. Indeed, the narratives they paint can be overblown to justify their charges. But, as one of our recent high-profile cases shows, the truth is …