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Michigan hunting violations may be more serious than you think

Spring turkey hunting season is almost here in Michigan, which means many Michigan residents are enjoying one of their favorite times of the year.

Whether you are new to hunting or have been engaging in this beloved Michigan tradition for …


Who can check the Sex Offender Registry?

For those facing sex crime charges, you know the consequences are severe. Unlike any other criminal conviction, a sex crime conviction means you likely will have to register with both the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, as well as a national …


An early victory in the case against an ex-deputy accused of soliciting a minor

Rarely are the press releases from the police and their public relations officers the full story. Indeed, the narratives they paint can be overblown to justify their charges. But, as one of our recent high-profile cases shows, the truth is …


What makes a search warrant valid in Michigan?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Michigan’s constitution both protect the residents of this state from unlawful searches.

Practically speaking, most Detroit residents understand at some level that the authorities cannot search a person, their home or their …


Jury Finds Falsely Accused Client Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

We’ve said it before and it remains true: experience counts when your liberty is at risk.

This adage was on display in the case of a falsely accused client of ours that faced charges of assault with intent to commit …


Attorney John Freeman Defends Former Deputy Sheriff Corrections Officer Against Felony and Assault Charges

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, a judge ordered Law Office of John Freeman client Christopher Cluley bound over to circuit court. This is the latest event in Cluley’s now 2-plus year legal battle, in which the former Isabella County Sheriff’s …